5 February 2024

Guide to choosing water tanks: materials, types and selection criteria

serbatoi acqua in acciaio inox su misura

Water tanks are fundamental components for the management of water supply, both domestic and industrial. Choosing the right tank is therefore crucial to guarantee safe and drinkable water.

Among materials, types and selection criteria, here is Di Camillo Serbatoi’s guide to water tanks, the result of over 60 years of experience in the production of underground and outdoor tanks and cisterns.

Water tanks: criteria for choosing the right tank

Tanks and cisterns have an incredible variety of uses: from rainwater collection, to domestic water supply, to irrigation or fire storage. The choice of the right tank, therefore, varies significantly based on three criteria:

  • The type of water to be stored. Depending on whether it is waste water, rainwater or drinking water, the materials differ, to comply with the drinkability criteria or resistance to chemical products.
  • The material. Criterion closely related to the first, depending on the intended use there may be stainless steel tanks, galvanized tanks, polyethylene tanks.
  • The quantities of water to be stored.

Altre considerazioni possono riguardare la forma, e il posizionamento dei serbatoi, optando quindi per serbatoi orizzontali, verticali, parallelepipedi, sottoscala o su misura, e serbatoi da interro o esterni.

Underground water tanks

Underground polyethylene water tanks

serbatoio acqua da interro in polietilene a canotto

For underground tanks, polyethylene is the most suitable material. It is in fact resistant and light, for easy movement and high resistance to undergrounding, thanks also to the special ribs that make it suitable for heavy-duty uses. It is also a non-toxic material, which makes underground polyethylene water tanks also ideal for drinking purposes.

The Di Camillo Serbatoi underground polyethylene water tanks are equipped with areas for the insertion of fittings of different sizes, and include a self-cleaning anti-leaf filter as standard. The uses can be civil or industrial, and Di Camillo Serbatoi also sells underground polyethylene water tanks for placement in groundwater areas, all in different shapes.

Outdoor water tanks

Outdoor polyethylene water tanks

serbatoi acqua in polietilene verticali da esterno

Lightweight, economical and non-toxic, with the addition of anti-UV agents against mold and algae, outdoor polyethylene water tanks can be used for the storage of water for drinking or irrigation purposes, according to the M.D. directive. n.174 of 6 April 2004. Di Camillo Serbatoi produces and resells polyethylene water tanks of various shapes and sizes.

Outdoor stainless steel water tanks

serbatoio acqua in acciaio inox da esterno in sottoscala

Stainless steel is one of the most resistant materials over time, in particular to extreme temperatures and corrosion, and is particularly suitable for the storage of water low in chlorides. Here too, the vast range of outdoor stainless steel water tanks by Di Camillo Serbatoi guarantees a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Parallelepiped stainless steel water tanks, with a capacity between 300 and 2 thousand litres, are suitable for limited spaces, made stable by the 4 anti-rolling feet in the lower part of the tank.
  • Horizontal stainless steel water tanks , suitable for containing water for human use according to Ministerial Decree n.174 of 06 April 2004, can be made of 304 or 316L stainless steel, ideal near marine areas.
  •  Vertical stainless steel water tanks , with capacities between 125 and 5 thousand litres, are equipped with a manhole with clamp for the installation of the float and for periodic cleaning. The support feet in the lower part of the tank are arranged circularly on the bottom, and for greater stability it is possible to insert three to four anti-rolling feet.
  • Understairs stainless steel water tanks , ideal for installation in narrow and narrow spaces such as understairs and ramps, have particular capacities between 500 and 1000 litres.
  • Custom-made stainless steel water tanks can be made horizontally, vertically or parallelepipedally, with connections and measurements provided by the customer and verified by the Di Camillo Serbatoi technical office. The tanks are generally composed of shell, containment bottoms, manhole, sleeves and lifting eyebolts, but they can be customized according to needs, to find use in oil mills, cellars, dairies and pharmaceutical industries.

Outdoor galvanized water tanks

serbatoi acqua zincati da esterno parallelepipedi

Galvanized tanks are used both for the storage of drinking water and for the autoclave , precisely because of the high resistance of zinc over time. As with polyethylene and stainless steel water tanks, Di Camillo Serbatoi offers outdoor galvanized water tanks in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Horizontal galvanized water tanks , equipped with inspection manhole and anti-rolling support feet, can store water for usefire prevention, and are therefore equipped with 2″ or 3″ inlet connections.
  • Vertical galvanized water tanks , with different capacities from 125 to 5 thousand litres, are particularly suitable for installation in limited spaces, with sleeves included for connection to the mains or any pumps.
  • Galvanized parallelepiped water tanks , come with capacities from 300 to 2 thousand litres, equipped as standard with support feet and upper hatch, and 1″ or 2″ sleeves for inserting water from the mains, and any floats

All Di Camillo Serbatoi tanks and cisterns, in polyethylene, galvanized or stainless steel, are accompanied by a drinkability certificate pursuant to Ministerial Decree n°174 of 04/06/2004, and are accompanied by a variety of accessories that make them stable, or suitable for specific uses. For your water tanks, therefore, contact Di Camillo Serbatoi , and benefit from the over 60 years of experience of our technical department, capable of developing tailor-made solutions for all corporate and domestic water storage needs.