Waste Water Treatment Plants

Pozzetti Prelievo Fiscale


Polyethylene wells have a vertical development and are widely used in the field of wastewater purification. The exhaust well, which is installed downstream of a plant, allows an optimal waste…

Stazioni Di Sollevamento Acque In Polietilene

Waste water lifting station

Water lifting stations are containers that aim to deliver water from a lower share than the final delivery.  There are water relaunching stations intended to revive clear water and not…

Impianti Depurazione Autolavaggi In Polietilene

Car wash water treatment plants

The car wash purification plants are sized according to the number of cars or trucks to be washed daily and the final delivery. The wastewater from car washes is rich…

Impianti Di Prima Pioggia In Polietilene

First rain plant

DESCRIPTION: First rain systems are systems for treating rainwater coming from car parks, car washes, streets and yards or distributors. Rainwater is separated by a spillway, and first rain water…

Deoliatori Gravitazionali In Polietilene

Gravitational deoliators

Gravity deoliators are designed to treat water from yards, parking lots and garages. The choice of deoliators is functional to the capacity. The deoliators can be of three types: corrugated…

impianti di fitodepurazione per acque reflue
Fitodepurazione In Polietilene

Phytodepuration plants

Phytodepuration treatments are made through rectangular trays equipped with inlet and outlet tube. The trays are inserted downstream of the so-called primary treatments (degreaser and imhoff tank) and allow the…

High efficiency waste water treatment

High efficiency waste water treatment to discharge consist of an anaerobic percolator and an activated sludge plant. These are purification systems that allow the delivery of wastewater or for direct…

Filtri Percolatori In Polietilene

Trickling filters

Percolator filters are biological reactors that, equipped with special filling material, allow the refinement of the purification processes. They can be anaerobic and aerobic. As long as there is a…

Depuratori Monoblocco A Fanghi Attivi In Polietilene

Monobloc Activated Sludge Purifiers

Monobloc activated sludge purifiers are used to achieve high levels of wastewater purification. They consist of 3 different treatment areas: sedimentation, oxidation and calming tank. These monobloc activated sludge plants…

Impianti A Fanghi Attivi In Polietilene

Plants with Activated Sludge

Activated sludge plants consist of an inlet and outlet tube and an inspection pass. Inside is inserted a diffuser that ensures the proliferation of bacteria. Activated sludge plants have a…

Fosse Settiche In Polietilene

Septic tanks

Septic tanks are used for primary treatment as delivery in sewer or for delivery in underground dispersion by sub-irrigation. There are three types of septic tanks: Monocameral septic tanks Bicameral…

Vasche Imhoff In Polietilene

Imhoff tanks

The imhoff tank is a cistern that has the function of favoring the sedimentation of the coarse solids present inside the sewage that remain on the bottom of the tank…


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