11 October 2023

Adblue®: What is it and what features should the suitable tank have?

Diesel vehicles are a pillar of road and rail transport, and agricultural production. But they are also a significant source of polluting emissions. In a world where environmental regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, one of the most technological and innovative solutions to reduce emissions is the additive Adblue.

In this article, Di Camillo will show you what it is, and the characteristics that the tanks for storage and transport of Adblue® the must have, to be perfectly up to standard.


Adblue®: what is it and how does this additive for diesel

Adblue® is the registered trademark of an odourless and colourless liquid additive (international code Aus32), composed by 32.5% of urea, and by demineralized water for the remaining 67.5%. Introduced in cars, or in agricultural diesel vehicles, it allows to significantly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx).

The Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI regulations, in fact, provide for the application of SCR technology to diesel engines, essentially an emission treatment technology. The system injects into the vehicle Adblue® after the combustion phase. The high temperatures generated by the engine evaporate the water, and leave only the urea, which decomposes into ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Ammonia reacts with the nitrogen oxides of the exhaust gases before they enter the catalyst, and transforms them into nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O), harmless to the environment and health.


Di Camillo tanks for storage and transport of Adblue®

For the storage and transport of this important additive, specific tanks, complying with a number of standards, are required. Among them is DIN 70070, which defines the quality specifications and composition necessary to ensure that Adblue! remains free of contaminants that could otherwise damage the catalysts.

Di Camillo offers two solutions for the storage of Adblue®, and one for transport:

  • Outdoor polyethylene tanks for storage, equipped with dispensing system with dispenser group, digital liter counter, tube and automatic gun;
  • Outdoor polyethylene tanks for storage, with dispensing system composed of dispenser group, hose and manual gun;
  • Polyethylene tanks for the transport of Adblue, including 12V dispensing system, digital liter counter, level indicator and automatic gun.

All of Di Camillo’s outdoor tanks for the storage of Adblue® are made of high-intensity polyethylene, which gives the tanks strength and resistance, even in low temperatures. The capacities vary, from 2 thousand liters up to 10 thousand liters for storage tanks, and from 230 liters to 440 liters for transportable tanks.

Di Camillo’s tanks and storage tanks are equipped with a protective closing box, which contains the dispensing unit with pumps, litre counters, tubes and guns, and protects it from shocks and atmospheric agents. The Di Camillo tanks are also equipped with a switch for internal inspection, and a suction tube for the liquid supply, which takes the additive from above thanks to the bottom valve, keeping the system always loaded. On the other hand, the transportable Adblue® tanks have a top cover equipped with lifting eyes. They are equipped as standard with a digital litre counter, and a pump with a flow of 40 liters/ min 12V, an automatic gun and a clock level indicator. The dimensions and the vacuum weight allow them to be fixed on the platform through nitrile hooks to tighten, and to supply the vehicles with Adblue. at different sites, even in places where no fixed tanks are available. Polyethylene, in fact, is a particularly resistant and robust material, and the reinforced ribs, together with the rounded shape without edges, give strength, durability, and a minimal risk of damage and breakage during transport. The power supply of the system can then be achieved by connecting the 12 volt electrical equipment in direct current to the batteries of the vehicles, through the appropriate clamps.

For all the storage and distribution needs of Adblue®, additives, water and diesel, please  contact Di Camillo Serbatoi SRL. We have specialised since 1959 in the production of tanks and accessories for diesel and all its additives, with innovative tailor-made solutions, and a wide range of reliable and high quality accessories and products.