Diesel Tank Approved

For over sixty years, Di Camillo has specialized in the production of approved fuel tanks, especially for diesel and oil. We manufacture diesel tanks with basins or double chambers, available in horizontal or vertical configurations, for both underground and above-ground installation. Our tanks can be used for vehicle refueling, gensets, or heating oil.

In addition, Di Camillo produces mobile fuel tanks integrated with toolboxes, as well as tanks designed for transport on pickup trucks and commercial vehicles. Our catalog also features a wide range of high-quality accessories, such as fuel dispensers, hose reels, filters, flow meters, and nozzles, ensuring our customers receive the best personalized solutions for their needs.

Serbatoi Gasolio Omologati vasca 110%

Diesel tanks

Diesel tanks with basin containment homologated in accordance to reference rules. The fuel tanks have capacities ranging from 490 liters to 9000 liters, with measures of 490 liters, 1,000 liters,…

Serbatoi Gasolio Omologati Doppia Camera Verticali Armadio
Serbatoi Gasolio Omologati Doppia Camera Verticali - Cube

Vertical double wall diesel tanks

Diesel tanks homologated double chamber with vertical axis of capacity between 990 and 9,000 liters. The homologated double vertical chamber fuel tanks are equipped with a double wall made entirely…

Serbatoi Trasporto Gasolio
Serbatoi Trasporto Gasolio Con Avvolgitubo

Mobile diesel tanks

Our mobile diesel tanks are certified by the ADR inspectors in acccordance with ADR 2017, for the transport of flammable liquids by road. These mobile tanks allow the transport throughout…

Serbatoi Trasporto Gasolio Porta Attrezzi - Particolare 1

Transportable diesel tanks with door tools

Dieselbox & Tools fuel tanks with tool box are special tanks designed for working vehicles in total ADR exemption according to paragraph C and allow the transport of diesel…

Serbatoi omologati Trasporto Gasolio Pickup - Particolare

Pick-up mobile tanks

Diesel transportable tanks for pick-up Dieselbox model are ADR certified tanks with total exemption according to paragraph C, have a capacity of 440 liters and are designed to be…

Serbatoi Trasporto Carburante Carrello

Mobile fuel tanks

Aluminum fuel transport tanks certified by the CPABS according to ADR 2017, for the road transport of flammable liquids without the need of vehicles or ADR licenses. From 80 liters…

Serbatoi Gasolio Per Gruppi Elettrogeni Frontale

diesel tank for genset

The diesel tanks for genset and heating systems comply with the DM. 22 November 2017 of the Ministry of the Interior. Designed and manufactured for storage and supply of generators…

Serbatoi Gasolio UN EN 12285-2 Particolare

EN 12285-2 diesel tank

EN 12285-2 horizontal cylindrical fuel tanks, manufactured in accordance with the standard – 2 – class A, produced with steel sheets and dished ends in carbon steel type S235JR ….

Serbatoi Interrati Gasolio  omologati Monocamera
Serbatoi Interrati Gasolio Attacchi

Underground diesel tanks

Underground diesel tanks for diesel made of carbon steel S 235 JR, welded entirely to MIG and externally with procedure submerged arc, tarred externally. Tank capacities range from a minimum…

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Accessori Serbatoi Dicam Level

Diesel tank accesories

The Di Camillo Tanks offers a wide range of accessories diesel tanks, among the best internationally, which allows it to offer its customers, customized solutions. Here is the complete list:


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