27 January 2023

Protect your diesel

Box di protezione per serbatoi gasolio PEF

Many say that diesel fuel has become more and more precious and that it must be protected. What do you think ? We believe that it must be preserved to the fullest. That’s why from January you can appreciate our new range of safety boxes. It was born DCBOX by Di Camillo Serbatoi. It is a perimeter structure connected to the entire tank by means of a frame that ensures the closure of the tank on all sides uncovered. Made of galvanized sheet metal and reinforced fixing tubes, we put the diesel oil safe from theft and dirt. Discover the whole range. Discover the entire range from 490 to 9000 liters.

DCBOX is the perimeter structure that allows you to secure the fuel tank.

It is a perimeter frame composed of trapezoidal sheets made entirely of galvanized sheet. All sides can be opened for inspection of the diesel tank. The trapezoidal sheets are positioned perimeter to the tank: both laterally as well as in the front and side area. A tubular frame attached to the tank guarantees the perfect anchoring. On the front side of the box with dispenser unit, ventilation grids will be positioned. The grids can have standard size equal to width x height of 0.3 x 0.2 m. or 0.4 x 0.2 m. or in any case of an overall size never less than 1/30 of the floor area. The ventilation grilles will be located in the front area and in some cases also in the rear area. The DCBOX is also available in the version with walls equipped with loopholes on all four sides, such as to ensure a ventilation surface never less than 1/30 of the floor area.